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We Don’t need a setting,

Just a foreground, for us to play

Tell me what time is best to come around

Dont front and try to clean your room now

fuck the bedding

heard you only need fresh sheets night of your wedding

was not planning to get married

just a lucky guess if we betting

how come i don’t want a ring ?

never mind that reason, thats a different lesson

ill let you know when its time for questions

now – i just want answers

and your body’s begging, & my eyes are tempting

ask you about astrology before you climb on top of me

curious if were star crossed and chaotic

 or is this affair bound to be addictive and auratic

i dont usually write poems this erotic

some words just came to me, kinda erratic

i chase dreams, and fantasies sometimes exotic

let’s runaway together to the tropics

now I’m headed off topic, i write climaxes that make you drop dead

less talk about happy endings

that probably when over your head

if you were looking around, not paying attention

run it back, said i don’t bend down – might drop my crown

name still clean, only good girl left in town

my m.o was always aggressive

never with the subtle mentions

they said I’m crazy, outta control

need a divine intervention

know one thing to calm the soul

release sexual tension is a better cure

say you don’t believe me well ill be sure

like day and night, opposites attract-

but ill never be yours.

a High Five